BDLC is a multicultural, family-oriented child care center that encourages each child to develop to his or her unique potential. Our teachers and support staff provide a safe, caring environment while engaging children in developmentally appropriate curricula.

Bloomington Developmental Learning Center, Inc. was founded in 1973 by parents and teachers who were bound by similar child-care philosophies. BDLC is one of the largest and oldest child-care centers in Monroe County. It is licensed by the State of Indiana and is a participant in Paths to Quality reaching Level 3.

What distinguishes BDLC from other child care centers?


BDLC continues to rate level 3 in the state program PATHS TO QUALITY: Going above and beyond state licensing in teacher professional development, early childhood curricula and scheduling, and health and safety standards. We also rate 5 Stars in the state’s Environmental Recognition Program as we continue to apply Integrated Pest Management and other earth-friendly strategies to avoid chemicals and toxins in our environment.


At BDLC we follow the practice of Continuity of Care. What this means is we minimize transitions as children age by keeping teachers with the same group of children when they move to a new classroom. This occurs until preschool and then the children remain with these teachers in the same classroom from 4 years to 5 years old.

Each year teachers also pursue a minimum of 20 hours professional development. BDLC is concentrating on the following for 2013-14:

CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE: The focal point is Five-Steps to Self-Regulation. Preschool lead teachers Randi Peach and Rachel Hancock have attended the conference and are training BDLC teachers and staff.

CREATIVE CURRICULUM: Lead teacher Cori Sulinski works with infant/toddler and preschool teachersĀ in various elements of curriculum development and portfolio assessments.

TAKING STEPS TO HEALTHY SUCCESS PROJECT: Asst. Director Natalie Gray is taking part in a state program that promotes movement and exercise for young children. BDLC will receive materials and lesson plans for all our age groups.

BDLC teachers and all part-time support staff are certified annually in CPR, First Aid, and Universal Precautions to provide the safest environment for our children.

BDLC teachers and all support staff train in child abuse prevention, foundations of early childhood, and inclusion principles.

In-house Kitchen
BDLC serves vegetarian meals from our own kitchen! Our cooks use whole grain, fresh produce, and organic foods to provide healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for our children and staff. We compost and raise some of the vegetables in our organic garden.

BDLC infant room teachers support nursing mothers and work with them to provide mother’s milk. Diapers, baby food, and formula are also provided at no extra cost.

If you are interested in learning more, please stop by for a tour! Tours are daily–either mornings until 11:00 or afternoons after 3:30–we close classrooms during lunch and nap time.

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