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Ages: 2.5-3 years

Ratio: 7 children to 1 teacher

Capacity when Full: 10-12 children

Tuition: $1,467 per month

About the Classroom:

The Owls classroom is a wonderful place for young ones to develop by exploring their emotions and learning to broaden their minds. We facilitate situations where the children can use their words to talk to friends and teachers, both in happy times or in frustrating, emotional times. We challenging their minds by trying new things with toys, clothes, food, or even at potty time. Imaginations run wild in the Owls room! We also encourage lots of fine motor skills and physical play to help get out energy and to practice using our hands in a positive way. We love music and dancing in our classroom. We also love goofy behavior to make everyone’s day a little more fun.

"This classroom is a loving and caring classroom. We go through the emotions with your children and ensure that they know they are safe, loved, and always have a teacher there to hear them out or give a hug."

The Owl classroom has four tables; two for eating and two for art and play. We have tons of toy options for the children to play with throughout the day, including doll house equipment, dress up items, cognitive toys, Legos, pegs, and H stackers. We have tons of cars and animal toys too! Our children also love playing with puzzles. There is a reading area with chairs and endless book options. We often have art supply set out for "free art" where children are able to make a creation using their own creativity using paper, crayons, markers, or using the chalk or paint easels. There is a small climber in our room that the kiddos use to explore gross body movements like jumping and crawling under. 


Owls room teachers don't limit play to toys and objects. We love imagination games like hide and seek, red light/green light, or Simon Says. Throughout the day, children are always welcome to skip an activity, weather it’s a structured activity or a free range activity, and find their own way of playing.

An Owl's Day:


Drop-off and Table play

  • During drop off we have tables set up with activities to draw the Owls into the room and make a smooth transition into the day.


  • We incorporate breakfast into our table play and children continue to work on their puzzles and finish their art creations. 

  • Following breakfast we do diapers and potty time


Indoor/Outdoor Play

  • Free range play precedes lunch. Some Owls will move to new activities while others may choose to stay at the tables. It's entirely up to the individual!


  • Lunch is served around 11:15. Owls practice using utensils and cups.


Nap Time

  • After lunch we  have diapers/potty time and then begin to calm our bodies

  • Owls nap on cots in the classroom and help setup for nap which helps them understand the transition.

  • Books may be read to facilitate relaxation.


Nap Wakeup/Snack

  • After nap time we eat a snack and continue to explore our room and playground until pickup.



  • While the Owls wait for parents they are either free playing, reading books, or chatting it up with teachers.

Owls Skills:
  • Gain practice doing tasks independently. 

  • Learning how to work through big emotions.

  • Open ended play to promote creativity and imagination building.

  • Toilet awareness and potty training.

  • Practice using utensils.

  • Balance and coordination through dance and play.

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