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Curriculum & Philosophy 

Hours of Operation: 

Drop off Start - 7:30 AM
Pick up End - 5:30 PM
Monday - Friday


At BDLC, parents can feel confident that their children are safe, nurtured, and happy while engaging in play-based education that follows the Creative Curriculum®. Teachers have planning periods each week to prepare educational curriculum focused on developing the whole child including: 


  • Age-appropriate body movement that develops fine and gross motor skills

  • Building social-emotional skills that serve as building blocks for strong interpersonal skills as students mature

  • An appreciation for math, science, literacy, and the arts

  • Empowering students’ curiosity to explore nature and the world surrounding them


Monthly themes are incorporated into many of our daily activities such as art, group activities, music, and circle time. Themes are often selected by the children to keep them excited about learning. We understand that everyone learns differently; some children learn best in whole groups, others in smaller groups or individually. Our teachers work with children to best meet their current needs.

Family Involvement

Families are an integral part of our community and have the opportunity to volunteer their time and talents in a variety of ways. Teachers provide monthly lesson plans and weekly updates to families on classroom activities. The BDLC Buzz is a monthly e-newsletter that highlights news at the Center and opportunities to get involved in volunteer days or serving on a committee or the Board.

More information about our school can be found in the BDLC Family Handbook.

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