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Ages: 3-5 years

Ratio: 10 children to 1 teacher

Capacity when Full: 20 children

Tuition: $1,132 per month

About the Classroom:

Penguins are at a critical age to develop a set of developmental building blocks that they will forever use as they grow. In this classroom we aim to teach Penguins these critical skills while also allowing them space to develop as individuals.

The Penguins classroom has individual cubbies where coats, extra clothes, and cot sheets are stored. We have an eating, reading, and play area with bins of a large variety of toys, blocks and a play kitchen. We also have our own restroom and sink area for the children to use throughout the day. 

"Our hope is to provide a safe and supportive environment for the children so they learn, play, create, and develop relationships with each other."

Teaching moments are everywhere in the Penguins room. As the children play throughout the day, they have resources to look up the name of a dinosaur or a bug or to discover what type of creature made its home in a seashell. Reading is a daily activity as a group, one on one with a teacher,  and as individual reading. Children are encouraged to use their words when frustrated, angry, or sad. The Penguins can join in group activities offered by the teachers, or choose to play on their own. 

There are many items available in the Penguins room to facilitate learning and creativity. Favorites of children are magna-tiles, our block area which consists of wooden blocks in various shapes, light table, Lego table, and a wooden train sets. There are dinosaurs, cars, dolls, toy houses with figures, a play kitchen with menus, food and dishes, tools, cars, puzzles, number and alphabet activities, Kinetic sand, play dough, and bugs to catch with nets and large plastic tweezers. The Penguins room has its own storage room with toys, books, and items that we switch out from time to time to offer variety to our kiddos!

A Penguin's Day:


Drop-off and Free play

  • Open ended play through child led exploration.



Indoor/Outdoor Play

  • The Penguins love playing on the swings in our large outdoor playground.

  • Sandbox play, riding tricycles, and practicing climbing are common activities


Group Time

  • Group time consists of book reading and calendar interaction, science and art activities. 



  • Lunch is eaten either in the classroom or outside when the weather is nice. 

Nap/Rest Time

  • Penguins are offered the opportunity to rest on a cot. They may nap, or bring books and small toys to their cot for quiet, individual play.

Snack and Free Play


  • Penguins will be happy to see their families at pickup, but don't be surprised if they beg to stay a few minutes longer!

Penguin Skills:
  • Using words to express emotion

  • Emotional Development

  • Problem Solving

  • Pre-kindergarten cognitive and literacy skills through hands-on experiences

  • Learning to feel and respect emotions in ourselves and others

  • Self regulation through safe self expression

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