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Donate to the Teachers' Fund

**All donated funds will go directly to our extremely deserving teachers.**
BDLC is fortunate to have some of the most qualified, passionate teachers in the Bloomington community. 
Unfortunately, despite their qualifications and experience, Early Childhood Education is sorely underfunded. It is not uncommon for our teachers to experience the real fear of living paycheck to paycheck.
By creating the BDLC Teachers' Fund, we aim to avoid raising program tuition and pricing our families out of being able to afford attending BDLC. By providing a substantial annual bonus during Teacher Appreciation Week, we can help our teachers while maintaining the affordability of our programs.
BDLC will always work hard to add to this bonus fund through fundraising efforts throughout the year, but any donations are extremely helpful. Consider a recurring donation if your family can afford it, as this will have the greatest impact for our teachers.


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We'd love to hear what, or who, compelled you to donate or give a shoutout to your favorite BDLC teacher, past or present! (optional)

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