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Ages: 2-2.5 years

Ratio: 5 children to 1 teacher

Capacity when Full: 10 children

Tuition: $1,467 per month

About the Classroom:

The Kangaroo classroom is a festive, exciting place for our toddlers. The room is decorated with cute decorations, twinkling strands of lights, and seasonal items to promote visual stimulation. We try to have many options for classroom areas that incorporate both fine and gross motor development, quiet activities, noisy activities, and both open ended and fixed creativity and play. The gross motor area in the Kangaroo room includes two large pieces of climbing equipment, a block and small parts area, a reading and puzzle station, a math and science zone, items for dramatic play, and an art and music space. We have toddler size furniture such as tables, chairs, and sinks in order to encourage increased independence.

"We encourage appropriate risk exploration and really love messy play as a way to enhance their learning and curiosity. We love fostering a safe and diverse environment for everyone!"

Kangaroo teachers work to model and encourage independence throughout each day. We help children work towards putting on their own shoes and learning to clean up toys following play. When children are in the beginning stages of toilet awareness and toilet training we assist in this process. Kangaroos work hard on developing social emotional competence and learning to use simple words to express their needs and wants.

Our classroom supplies a variety of blocks; including wooden blocks, bristle blocks, magnetic blocks/connectors, and Lego style blocks. We provide the children with a variety of books and insert puzzles. Some of the favorites currently include our train table with tracks and trains, our two toy kitchens with play food and dishes, and the multitude of musical instruments provided. 

A Kangaroo's Day:


Drop-off and Free play

  • Families are greeted with kid friendly music during drop off. We have morning sensory and table activities options available for free play.


  • We eat a yummy breakfast shortly after drop off and then clean up together. 

  • Group activity play follows breakfast. 


Indoor/Outdoor Play

  • During this time the kids have the opportunity to actively explore their surroundings and interact with their peers and teachers.



  • Lunch is served around 11:15. Kangaroos practice using utensils and cups.


Nap Time

  • Kangaroos nap on cots in the classroom with the lights low and a calm vibe.


Nap Wakeup/Snack

  • After nap time we eat a snack and continue to explore our room and playground until pickup.



  • Kangaroos bounce into their parent's arms at pickup, happy from a day of learning and play!

Kangaroo Skills:
  • Gain practice doing tasks independently. 

  • Learning how to work through big emotions.

  • Open ended play to promote creativity and imagination building.

  • Toilet awareness and potty training.

  • Practice using utensils.

  • Balance and coordination through dance and play.

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