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Nutrition at BDLC

What to look forward to
  • Whole, healthy vegetarian food options

  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks provided

  • Full kitchen and designated chef

  • Onsite garden

Plant Based Diets

Each day, children are offered breakfast, lunch and at least two snacks. Our menu is vegetarian and we are a peanut free facility. To keep children nourished and healthy, we provide protein in the form of beans, lentils, cottage cheese and other assortments. This diet keeps sodium and preservatives low while encouraging children to try new foods and flavors.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a staple menu item at BDLC. With an in-house chef preparing all of the food at the center’s cafeteria, children at BDLC are eating meals that are prepared fresh each day. Children are also able to eat and take part in the growing of fresh fruits and vegetables in onsite garden. 

Formula and Breastmilk

Formula can either be provided by BDLC, or can be supplied from home for infants 12 months and under unless otherwise directed by a physician. We also support nursing mothers who wish to breastfeed on-site or provide fresh or frozen breast milk to their infants.

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