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Grants and Awards

BDLC applies for grants to tackle facility improvements and special projects without having to use our operating costs. our only revenue stream is tuition which means that any extra costs may directly impact the families who are already facing the high cost of childcare in our country. By utilizing volunteers to apply for grants, BDLC is able to improve our facility and programming without impacting our families.

SEEL Grants for New Windows and Solar Panels

The Solar, Energy Efficiency, and Lightning (SEEL) program provides grant funding and technical assistance for nonprofits, community organizations, and small businesses to improve building efficiency and install solar. Funding is provided from the City of Bloomington to help local organizations become more energy efficient. In 2022 BDLC received a $10,000 matching grant to replace the original classroom windows with new, energy efficient, double paned windows, which were installed in 2023.

In 2023 BDLC received a $25,000 grant plus a $10,000 match through the SEEL program to install solar panels. The solar panels are projected to reduce BDLC's energy bill by ~$100 a month. Solar panels were installed in December 2023.

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June 2023 Subaru Grant.jpg

2023 Subaru of Indiana Automotive Foundation Grant

In the spring of 2023 BDLC was chosen as one of the 13 winners of 160 applicants for the Subaru of Indiana Foundation grant. This grant award was in the amount of $9,896 and was used to replace the classroom doors with new Dutch doors. The prior classroom doors were 37 years old and had layer upon layer of paint which caused them to stick and jam. Thanks to the SIA foundation we now have beautiful and safe functioning doors for our classrooms!

Canopy Bloomington

In 2022 BDLC worked with Canopy Bloomington, another local non-profit organization, who donated 12 new trees for our playgrounds. Canopy Bloomington's volunteers planted the trees and BDLC's parents volunteer as "tree keepers" to ensure these saplings get proper water so that they can thrive and grow to provide shade to our outdoor play spaces.

Bloomington Canopy Project_edited.jpg
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